Large Communication Book


Our most popular PECS Communication Book, the Large Communication Book is lightweight and allows plenty of space for vocabulary growth.

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The Large PECS Communication Book is a 260mm x 235mm, 3-ring binder that is great as a first book for new PECS users. This picture-ready PECS Communication Book is made of a thick, poly plastic material that is smooth to the touch, yet extremely durable. The back of the book is longer than the front to accommodate the Sentence Strip™. This allows access to the Sentence Strip no matter which page in the book is in use.

The Large PECS Communication Book includes:

  • 3-ringed binder in colour of your choice
  • Strips of hook or loop fastener
  • Two non-tabbed Insert Pages
  • Large Sentence Strip

Additional information


Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, Black, Any, Assorted


Hook, Loop

Assembly Instructions

Your Large Communication Book comes with either hook (hard) or loop (soft) Velcro fastener ready to be attached to the covers and pages.

You will receive 13 strips of 180mm velcro on 7 plastics liners (6 double strips and 1 single), and 16 strips of 140mm velcro on 8 plastic liners (8 double strips).

Attach the single width (12.5mm x 180mm) strip of velcro horizontally to the back cover of the communication book to attach the Sentence Strip.

Each of the double strips (25mm) is split down the middle to provide 2 narrow strips of velcro on each plastic liner. Hold one corner of the double-width strip, while pulling the velcro from the plastic liner to split it into 2 x 12.5mm strips.

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