PECS Review, Refresh and Extend

This workshop will focus on the practical elements of PECS. With a brief review of the Pyramid Approach to Education, the workshop will also include: - A review of each phase of PECS including demonstration and practice. - Small...

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PECS Level 1 Training

This intensive two-day interactive training is designed to teach educational teams and parents the theory and protocol for the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), an evidence based practise. We begin with identifying...

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PECS Overview

This talk provides all members of your educational team with basic information about the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). We begin with a brief overview of the Pyramid Approach to Education, a model commonly used to...

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Pyramid Approach to Education Training

This practical, interactive workshop provides a blueprint for building effective learning environments, resulting in direct positive outcomes for learners. Through lecture, video example, discussion, and activities, participants...

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The Language of Emotions

B.F. Skinner provided an important guide to the analysis of language in his book, Verbal Behaviour. In this book, he stresses the critical value of focusing on the function of various aspects of communication. His analysis...

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