Family Success Stories

“One of the biggest steps for us with PECS was seeing my son who used to just say one word requests for things he wanted, count the words on his fingers as he’d say a proper sentence instead. I remember the day I started [PECS]. We went through the first couple of phases quickly, he picked it up instantly! Suddenly I was able to tell him where we were going and how. He could start telling me what he wanted to do and where. We moved through the phases fast and reached phase 6 in no time.

Now he’s mastered all the phases and does advanced commenting. He no longer needs the binder for simple requests but can express those verbally. He will go to the binder for more difficult and longer things he wants to tell us; if someone fails to understand him after a few tries or if he wants to comment on something that is new to him he still needs the images as support to construct the sentence.”

– Mimmi Konishi, Parent of a PECS user

“This picture of Steven is special, because it was one of the first genuine happy photos I had captured after he started being able to communicate with PECS. Can you imagine going 4-5 years without being able to communicate without screaming or self-abusive behaviors? Well, my baby did. And when we found The Picture Exchange Communication System Steven began to be able to ask for wanted items and activities. He began to be able to feel heard. It’s so easy to be passionate about my job… because each child I see could be MY son. I say lots of thanks to Steven every week for teaching me how to help the families I love. So, this smile, this photo, makes me want other parents to get this moment, too. At 25 years old, I can say he’s still communicating more and more effectively every single day!”

– Amy Jamison-Casas, MS, CCC-SLP, Parent

About Our Training

“This training is a game changer! My perspective in my classroom broadens and it gave me a silver lining that there is hope. I love the presenter and this training was informative and beneficial for me as a teacher. Bravo!”

PECS Level 1 Training Participant, SDC Teacher, San Francisco, CA

“This training was well organized and interactive allowing for a way to really be prepared to implement PECS with my students.”

“I really enjoyed the presenter for this training. You were knowledgeable and enthusiastic. I genuinely feel prepared to go into my classrooms and start with PECS.”

– PECS Level 1 Training Participant, SLP, Orlando, FL​

About Our Consultation

“When we began our 5 year intensive professional development project with Pyramid I never imagined the broad benefits it had. As an administrator, by participating in the trainings, I now had a way of addressing the needs of teachers by focusing my observations and my recommendations on the methodology. I use the checklist for walk-throughs and the competency areas of the Pyramid to focus the teacher training each month. All the staff began speaking the same language and staff morale improved significantly. Training our own staff to be ‘leaders’ allowed us to build in sustainability of all we learned.”

Vivian Bush, PhD, NCSP

Sussex Consortium Principal/Psychologist, Cape Henlopen School District

“When you work at our school, you realize that the focus really is ‘How can I make these kids as independent as possible? How do we prepare them for their futures?’ That means instructing students in the building blocks of learning, such as teaching how to ask for things, before worrying about ABCs…helping them to learn to apply concepts learned in the abstract in various environments. The Pyramid Approach is not as much a ‘new’ way of teaching, as it is a system of involving every person in the classroom to create a unified educational environment.”

Robin Scheib, MS, CCC-SLP

Director of Related Services, Academy360 in Livingston, NJ

“Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU on behalf of everyone at St Ann’s for all the help, advice and useful tips you gave on your recent visit.  There has been a real buzz around the school to really get spontaneous communication happening, which I can already see impacting on individual students’ achievements.  One leaner made well over 100 requests today, with at least 30-40 being spontaneous!”

Carol Botterill

Teacher & Certified PECS Implementer, St Ann’s School, Surrey, UK

“My father [B.F. Skinner], more than once, called Verbal Behavior his most important book. He didn’t know how well it would help the thousands of children basing procedures on his analysis. He always said that a good science should produce effective technologies.

PECS demonstrates that assertion. He would be immensely pleased by your work.”

– Julie S. Vargas, PhD

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