At this time, many families are experiencing extended time at home with their learners without the usual level of support from educational teams. Pyramid is committed to providing free resources to families to make your time at home a little easier and to encourage learning opportunities. Please see the materials below. We will continue to update this page often, so please visit us again soon! If you have any questions email us:


Additional Resources

Pyramid Support at Home: Commenting Activities

Join Pyramid Japan & US Consultant, Keiko Suzuki, M.Ed., PhD, BCBA, for some quick and fun ways to set up commenting lessons at home! Keiko demonstrates how to use novel objects and events in your environment to set up motivating commenting lessons for your PECS user.

Pyramid Support at Home: Movie Time Communication Tips

Join Pyramid US Consultant, Jesseca Collins, M.Ed., BCBA for ‘Communication Tips for Movie Time’ with your learner. Jesse demonstrates potential communication and learning opportunities that can be created with your learner during Movie or TV Time.

Pyramid offers a range of free videos to help you learn more about PECS, the Pyramid Approach to Education, and the services and products we offer.