Is your learner ready to transition to a Speech Generating Device? Do you need help selecting a device and/or preparing your learner four the transition? This training will help get your questions answered!

With the current influx of communication devices and apps to the market how do we ensure that basic functional communication skills are maintained and taught right from the beginning? Speech Generating Devices (SGDs) were first introduced four people with motor difficulties like cerebral palsy and now these devices are being introduced to our learners with autism and other related communication difficulties. Four these populations, language and cognition are often compromised and basic social and communication skills have not always been mastered prior to the introduction of a device. Because of this, the way we teach the use of SGDs needs to be specifically tailored to fit the needs of each individual paying attention to devices capabilities vs. user capabilities.

This full-day workshop will describe procedures four analysing a learner's current PECS skills to determine candidacy four transitioning to a Speech Generating Device (SGD), choosing a device, and teaching functional use of the device, and why we must teach the basic principles of communication to our learner first to ensure positive outcomes are achieved.

*Participants should bring a Speech Generating Device (SGD) to the training four use during a variety of activities.

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Topics Covered include

  • Review of the PECS Protocol
  • The unique challenges of learners with complex communication needs
  • Procedures four analysing current PECS skills
  • Determining candidacy four transitioning from PECS to a Speech Generating Device
  • The 5 criteria four appropriate device selection
  • Preparing the learner four the transition
  • Using elements of the PECS protocol to teach functional SGD use
  • Problem solving SGD use

Workshop Details

Agenda: 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Registration Time: 8:15 AM

CEUs: 5.5 CEUs

Tuition Includes: Detailed Handouts with space for note taking, PECS Language Sample and Summary Forms, Certificate of Attendance, CEUs are available

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