This workshop and presenter were so helpful in ways beyond communication. My thinking has changed with prompting, behavior, and functional skills. One the best Professional Development Days I have ever had.

– PECS Level 1 Training Participant, Special Ed Teacher, Fort Mill, SC

My eyes have been truly opened and I am confident (for the first time since I started using PECS with my son) in the direction I need to take in using this wonderful resource. The steps are very clear and I am very excited in being able to move forward with this very positively! Thank you.
PECS Level 1 Training, Parent, London, UK

Terrific examples and clarification. Both presenters did an amazing job keeping my interest to learn the necessary steps in a learning environment. It is always difficult to find programs/strategies which address adult learning and this certainly does. Thank you for educating me so I can be a better teacher for this I work with. I am looking forward to your future trainings!

The Pyramid Approach: Building Functional and Creative Learning Settings Participant, Philadelphia, PA

As a special educator of children with autism, this was the most useful, informative training I have ever attended.  I will definitely utilize these strategies in my classroom.  I would love to continue attending trainings given by Tony and Anne.  They were outstanding!

PECS Level 1 Training Participant, Towson, MD

I loved being able to talk through specific situations and questions form my classroom. I have loved the results I’ve had since the first PECS training. I now have 6-7 students in my classroom using PECS in which four are at Phase 4. I was feeling stuck and ritualistic in this phase but was very excited in this training to take ideas for functional lessons and moving forward in phases.

PECS Level 2 Training Participant, SpEd, RBT, Fort Mill, SC

Excellent training and great that the Pyramid Approach to Education book was included. The activity sheet and materials were great. Thank you for being so interactive and hands on! Amazing presenter, videos and explanations.

The Pyramid Approach: Building Functional and Creative Learning Settings Participant, Memphis, TN

At the end of each training day I left feeling so energized and ready to get back to work! The training focused on foundational behavioral, communication and teaching principles that apply to all settings and situations. There was a lot of repetition (of phrases or activities) that was crucial in remembering information so we are more likely to apply and implement correctly. The presenter was amazing, so helpful and engaged us all by focusing on our specific roles, populations, etc. I wish everyone could attend this training (Special Ed., Regular Ed., Administration, etc.)!

PECS Level 1 Training Participant, Field Training Coordinator, Louisville, KY

This is a great training, I would definitely recommend this training for SLPs or ESE Coordinator with previous PECS training.

Transitioning from PECS to SGDs Participant, ESE Autism Teacher, Jacksonville, FL

I took this workshop 10 years ago and wow, somehow it has managed to improve! Very practical, pragmatic. I love how fast paced this was, while at the same time being highly engaging. Plenty of time for questions too. I appreciate specific information regarding choosing candidates and the advice on how to accomplish goals with less expensive materials. Thank you!

PECS Level 1 Training Participant, Fairfield, CA

Our presenter did an excellent job explaining ways to teach attributes, I thought it would be nearly impossible to teach. I am excited to get to this level with my students!

PECS Level 2 Participant, Philadelphia, PA

I loved this training. I am a General Education Teacher who has students with articulation problems. I now know how to help them communicate with their peers. I also loved the beginning of this training because it reviews good teaching practices for all students.

– PECS Level 1 Training Participant, Kindergarten Teacher, Phoenix, AZ

The certain technical tips were very helpful. Things not to do like delete icons was helpful. I will be changing things and how we use it at home. Great training for parents too.

Transitioning from PECS to SGDs Participant, Parent, Powell, WY

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