Classroom & Curriculum Training

All teachers, no matter what setting they are in, will almost certainly encounter children with special needs. If a student has an Individualised Education Plan (IEP), you may know what you plan to...

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Behaviour Training

A fascinating, enjoyable course with a huge amount of practical information that I can’t wait to take back into practice. Attendee, Guide to Managing Challenging Behaviours, Glasgow Behaviour...

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PECS Training

Individuals who are nonverbal or have limited speech need a communication system they can start using right now. If you work in special education or have a child with a diagnosis you’ve probably...

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Pyramid Approach Training

Professionals and parents of individuals with autism and developmental delays are confronted on a daily basis with incredible challenges. What are the most important skills to teach? How to motivate...

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Communication Training

Many people with special needs, including those with autism, have difficulty with both expressive and receptive communication. For parents and professionals, it can be confusing selecting which...

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