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This practical, interactive workshop provides a blueprint for building effective learning environments, resulting in direct positive outcomes for learners. Through lecture, video example, discussion, and activities, participants will understand the rationale for implementing each of the nine elements of the Pyramid Approach as well as how to apply the information in a myriad of settings. The “why” of learning and the “how” of teaching are described using the three dimensional shape of the pyramid, which symbolises an integrated and interactive framework for teaching. This workshop will guide professionals, parents, caretakers, and teams in designing an effective program. Participants will leave this workshop with many new tools to add to their “teaching toolkit” and empowered with the knowledge of how to apply them in each individual situation.


  • Identify the 9 components of The Pyramid Approach
  • Describe conditions under which a behavior occurs
  • Evaluate whether or not lessons and/or materials are functional
  • Name and practice key elements of effective reinforcement systems
  • List at least 4 different lessons that could be taught using a single object/event
  • Create a lesson plan that contains all components of the Pyramid Approach