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This unique training offers strategies for navigating behaviour challenges with learners of all ages, in any environment. Beginning with key concepts of applied behaviour analysis, we focus on the conditions under which behaviour occurs. We discuss the importance of designing supportive learning environments that address skill deficits prior to or while simultaneously addressing unwanted contextually inappropriate behaviours. Through discussions, video examples and hands-on activities you will identify and define unwanted behaviours, analyse why the behaviour is occurring, determine alternative skills to replace unwanted behaviours, review differential reinforcement procedures, and discuss proactive strategies and reactive strategies. The workshop concludes by showing how you and your team can evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of your behaviour plans as you put your new strategies into practise.


  • Identify and operationally define behaviours requiring intervention
  • Develop behaviour plans
  • Conduct a functional assessment
  • Select and teach functionally equivalent alternative behaviours and skills to replace unwanted behaviours
  • Identify antecedent and consequence-based strategies for reducing unwanted behaviour
  • Assess and maintain the efficacy of behaviour intervention plans