Visual Strategies Tool Kit



This set provides students with a visual support to remind them of potential reinforcers, to calmly request for help or a break and to calmly wait when a preferred item or activity is delayed.

Each Complete Set includes:

  • two sets of visual reinforcement systems (token cards) in a colour of your choice. One set of five Large Visual Reinforcement Cards (152mm x 121mm), and one set of three Small Visual Reinforcement Cards (121mm x 59mm)
  • a supply of tokens (Tokens may vary from those pictured, and may present a choking hazard)
  • an informative brochure outlining how to use the Visual Reinforcement System,
  • hook and loop fastener dots,
  • 10 Break Cards,
  • 1 Wait Card,
  • 1 Help Card

Purchase the entire kit, or individual sets of five Large Visual Reinforcement Cards or three Small Visual Reinforcement Cards.

Pictures sold separately.


Additional information

Weight 0.275 kg

Blue, Red, Yellow, Orange, Green

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