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New for 2019!

Early in PECS, we try our best to honour all requests. Not all items are always available, though!

We use a variety of strategies to visually signal that an item is not available: we show an empty container, we offer alternatives, we use a token card to signal when the requested item can be ‘earned,’ or we signal that the Learner needs to ‘wait.’

Sometimes the item is just not available, and we are unsure when it will be.

The Universal NO Page is designed as a unique page for use in our Small and Large PECS Communication Books where we move pictures of items that are unavailable. The learner can still exchange the picture but will learn that if the picture is on the NO page, the item is not available.

Once the item is available again, move it back into the book where it is normally stored.

Our Universal NO Pages are available in small (173mm x 110mm) or large (215mm x 180mm), individually or in sets of 5.

Two strips of VELCRO® Brand hook or loop fastener included with every page. Pictures sold separately.

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