Self-Adhesive Hook & Loop Fasteners

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When you’re implementing PECS, you can never have too much self-adhesive hook and loop fastener. Having plenty of dots for making new pictures, and strips to expand a communication book, or replace worn old strips is essential. Extra hook & loop fasteners will always come in handy. Our variety of pack sizes will make it easy to top up your stores, and ensure you have enough self-adhesive hook and loop fastener to continue expanding communication tools and skills.

If ordering self-adhesive hook & loop fasteners for the first time, remember to check for compatibility with your other PECS products. It is typical to use strips on our communication books, insert pages and activity binders/boards, and dots on pictures.

Pack Sizes Self-Adhesive Hook or  Loop Strips: 1 metre strips or roll of 50 metres.

Pack Sizes Self-Adhesive Hook or Loop Dots: packs of 20 or 100 dots, or roll of 1200 dots.

Please note: product brand may vary based on availability.

Still not sure about HOOKS and LOOPS? Some tips for those who are new to our products. It will be important to select one side of the fastener (either hook or loop) for your books/pages, and the opposite side for your pictures/symbols.

There are no strict rules for which side goes where, but consider the following:

  • If your allied health professional has recommended using PECS, ask for their suggestion.
  • If the individual using PECS is attending a childcare, school, vocational setting, match their system to ensure compatibility.
  • At Pyramid, we typically use the ‘Hook on the Book’. The rhyme helps everyone on the team to remember to the system. We put the hook (hard/prickly) side of the fastener on books/pages and the loop (soft/fluffy) side of the fastener on the pictures/symbols.

Additional information

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Product Type

Dots, Strips

Fastener Type

Hook, Loop

Pack Size

Pack of 20 dots, Roll of 1200 dots, 50m Roll (strip), 1 metre strip, Pack of 100 dots

What is hook and loop?

Hook and Loop Fastener is the generic name for what most of us refer to as Velcro. Hook is the hard/prickly side of the fastener and loop is the soft/fluffy side of the fastener.

When ordering our products we give the option to choose which side of the fastener you would like on your PECS books and pages, and which side you’d like on your pictures.

We typically suggest ordering hook for your books and pages, and loop for your pictures.

Please Note: Most organisations (schools, early intervention centres, clinics) have a specific rule they follow regarding which side of the fastener to use on pictures and books/pages.

If your child is attending an organisation where they will be using PECS, check with them regarding the hook and loop rule they follow prior to ordering.

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