Pics for PECS® Version 15 Download (for Windows)

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Compatible with Windows only.
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Download PECS Pictures Online for Windows Computers

Our Pics for PECS® image collection is available for instant download to your PC! This collection is appropriate for all ages and supports both expressive and receptive AAC systems. Our high-resolution jpg images can be enlarged to a full page with no loss of clarity and can be used in any software that supports jpg images.

  • Over 3,200 high resolution Pics for PECS images
  • 200+ new images including musical instruments, toys, activities, and locations
  • Instructions for use
  • Grids to create a range of image sizes
  • A complete image word list
  • A picture dictionary

Pics for PECS images can be used to create:

  • PECS Communication Books,
  • printed communication boards,
  • schedules,
  • literacy activities,
  • visual supports, and
  • overlays for speech generating devices

The download includes over 3,400 Pics for PECS images, instructions for use, complete image wordlist, picture dictionary, and grids for a range of image sizes.

An Internet connection is required during the product installation process. Pics for PECS Version 15. Download is intended for use on Windows 7 or higher.

This version compatible with Windows only! Pics for PECS Version 15 Download for Mac available here.