Mini Communication Book


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The Mini PECS Communication Book is a 102mm x 127mm, 2-ring binder made of a thick, poly plastic material that is smooth to the touch, yet extremely durable. This book is perfect for carrying in a pocket book, waist pack or your back pocket. Each book closes securely and includes strips of hook OR loop fastener (your choice) to adhere to three (non-tabbed) Mini Insert Pages and a Mini Sentence Strip™.


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Hook, Loop

What is hook and loop fastener?

Hook and Loop Fastener is the generic name for what most of us refer to as Velcro. Hook is the hard/prickly side of the fastener and loop is the soft/fluffy side of the fastener.

When ordering our products we give the option to choose which side of the fastener you would like on your PECS books and pages, and which side you’d like on your pictures.

We typically suggest ordering hook for your books and pages, and loop for your pictures.

Please Note: Most organisations (schools, early intervention centres, clinics) have a specific rule they follow regarding which side of the fastener to use on pictures and books/pages.

If your child is attending an organisation where they will be using PECS, check with them regarding the hook and loop rule they follow prior to ordering.