Find-It Beanbag Activity Kit

$95.00 (incl GST)


Theme-based beanbags for learners to hold and explore. Each bag contains several hidden objects that encourage fine-motor manipulation and commenting. With help from a teacher, learners poke, prod and shake the bags, and as the pellets shift, new objects are revealed in the see-through window. With each ever-changing glimpse, learners can use the included Activity Board and pictures to comment on what they see.

Each kit contains 2 beanbags (one animal and one food themed) made of soft fabric, 15 different items in each beanbag, an Activity Board to use with the corresponding vocabulary, a Sentence Strip™, VELCRO® Brand VELCOINS® and a detailed activity plan with expansion activities. The different beanbags are different colours for easy identification. Selection subject to change depending on availability. Activity Board may vary in colour. Dimensions: 180mm x 130mm


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