Suchowierska, M., Rupinska, M. & Bondy, A. (2013). Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS): A short “tutorial” for doctors.

Postępy Nauk Medycznych, t. XXVI, nr 1. 95‐92.
Abstract: Summary: One area of persistent difficulties for children with autism is communication, with about 25% of individuals with autism not developing spoken language at all. In light of this information, it is of paramount importance to have means of teaching those individuals how to pass to others information about their needs and wants in a socially appropriate and easily understood manner. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is an empirically‐validated alternative and augmentative communication method. In the present article we will provide a brief tutorial on PECS that may be of help to health care professionals who in their work come across children with autism. In conclusion, PECS is a method that has been created specifically for individuals who have language development difficulties. It is based on applied behavior analysis and thus is supported by strong theoretical foundation – mainly Skinner’s analysis of verbal behaviour – and empirical research. The system itself has been evaluated in a number of separate studies as well as few meta‐analyses. The overall conclusion is that PECS is an effective, evidence‐based method that teaches children how to communicate effectively and efficiently. It also reduces rates of problem behavior and for some children is associated with speech development. For interested individuals, more information on PECS can be found at:

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