lbis, J. & Reed, F. G. (2012). Modified stimulus presentation to teach simple discrimination within Picture Exchange Communication System Training.

Journal of Speech‐Language Pathology and Applied Behavior Analysis, 5, 42‐46.
Abstract: Previous research has documented the effectiveness of the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) to teach functional communication. These studies have generally focused on evaluating the PECS curriculum as it is written, but questions regarding how best to modify stimulus materials to teach individuals with deficits in simple discrimination remain unanswered. The present study examined the effectiveness of modified stimulus presentation on the percentage of trials the preferred edible/icon was selected within a picture exchange communication training program. Using an A‐B case study design, findings revealed that modified stimulus presentation improved performance above baseline levels. Performance was maintained three weeks post‐training. Limitations associated with the design of this study are noted in the discussion, together with recommendations for further research.

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