Anderson, A., Moore, D. & Bourne, T. (2007). Functional Communication and Other Concomitant Behavior Change Following PECS Training: A Case Study.

Behaviour Change, 24, 1–8.
Abstract: The Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) is widely used to teach children with language delays, including those with autism, functional language. A feature of PECS is that it incorporates principles deemed by some to be pivotal, leading to broader behaviour change. In this study, a 6‐year‐old child with autism was taught functional language using PECS. Along with measures of language gains, concomitant changes in nontargeted behaviours (play and TV viewing) following PECS training were observed. Results show increases in manding, initiations and cumulative word counts, as well as positive changes in the nontargeted behaviours.

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