Webb, T. (2000a) Can children with autism be taught to communicate using PECS?

Good Autism Practice (GAP), 1, 29‐43.
Abstract: This paper reports one of the first studies to be conducted in the UK on the impact of PECS on children with an autism spectrum disorder and severe learning difficulties. Teresa Webb is a teacher at a special school for children with severe and multiple learning difficulties. In September 1998, she introduced PECS to a class of six children aged between 4 and 6 years. All, but one, had an ASD and all had severe communication difficulties. In her opinion, PECS has had a major effect on the children’s skills and behaviour and has also influenced how staff work. The parents too report big improvements in their child’s communication skills and visitors to the school have been impressed by what they see. Clearly, the conclusions that can be drawn from the study are limited in that there was no comparison group of children who did not receive PECS or who were engaged in a different intervention and so further research is required. http://www.corelearning.co.uk/gap/index.asp

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