Having a PECS consultant come and work with us at home made all the difference. Louise came to see us for a few weeks which allowed us to improve the way we were using PECS over a period of time.  It meant we could work at our pace, looking at the specific issues we were having.  I was also able to see exactly how I should be using PECS with my son and it really helped give me the confidence to do it on my own with him. Plus the confidence to show my husband, friends and family how to use it with him. I learned lots of new ideas on how to use PECS at home throughout the day which has been extremely helpful. My son really enjoyed the sessions, Louise always had something exciting that he wanted to do, and I remember thinking how much more he was engaging with us.  Louise also visited my son’s Pre-school and helped ensure we were all using PECS consistently. I feel like the personalized sessions really gave us the best foundation and it helped to focus on what worked specifically for us in our everyday life.

– Jade Page, Parent of a PECS User

When our twin boys were both diagnosed with autism at the age of two the future became very uncertain. The realization that they were unable to communicate their needs and wants was consuming my every thought, until very quickly we were introduced to PECS. What an absolutely amazing concept of communication, using our boys most powerful strength, their visual mind, to help them communicate, with not just me but with the world around them. Our boys took to PECS instantly, we utilized their most motivating object and the exchange took place immediately after that first initial prompt. Soon our boys had a means of functional communication where they could communicate their needs and wants by the simple exchange of a picture.

What I love about PECS is it does not require complex or expensive materials and can easily be used at home, in school and in the community and is accessible to all. PECS was ideal for our boys and our family. The boys were very quickly communicating their needs and wants with all family members. Another thing I absolutely love about PECS is that almost anyone can implement it, with training and guidance. PECS is a highly structured system and its effectiveness is based on consistent use of the system. Our entire family unit have all learnt to effectively use PECS, this has been life changing for our boys.

In our home PECS is used at every opportunity, we very quickly worked through all the phases and the boys are communicating making full sentences using PECS. PECS has become their voice and they have access to their PECS books at all times. Words have started to materialize for one of our boys and I truly believe PECS has been his foundation to speech. Our boys started school in September and sending them off with their PECS books eliminated so much worry. I was confident in the knowledge that we were sending our boys out into the world with a voice, a functional form of communication. With their quick advancement through the various stages they have learned not only to communicate their needs and wants but also to comment using the phrases ‘I see’ and ‘I hear’, increasing their opportunities for interaction and learning.

Successful implementation of PECS requires dedication and consistency but the rewards are life changing. I can honestly say I don’t know where we would be today without PECS, the future is bright, a future where our boys can have their say and their voice heard.

Lorraine Conroy, Parent, Ireland

In October 2016 I attended a PECS level 1 Training which was the start of a wonderful journey for me and my son, Swaran. On that workshop there was a lot of information to take on board but one thing that I recall being mentioned was the home consultancy service; a piece of information which I stored away in my mind but which I would recall later on and which would prove invaluable. I was confident enough to take my son through the PECS protocol but when he successfully mastered Phase IV, I felt that I needed a helping hand on how to get him to the next stage. I remembered the home consultancy service mentioned in the PECS Level 1 Training and knew that it would be great if I could get that 1-2-1 expertise in the home environment to help take my son’s communication to the next level.

In that first home consultancy service (which was for 2 hours), the Pyramid Consultant really got my son to work hard (and me!) as he managed to successfully reach Phase VI. I remember thinking how brilliant it was to have this expert in my home, helping me notice patterns I had not seen before, provide me with lots of ideas and inspiration, spot opportunities to maximize exchanges and to develop Swaran’s communication skills as well as stamp out bad habits! I went on to use this home consultancy service several times afterwards because it was so brilliant and took my son to such an advanced level in his PECS usage. By way of example, as a direct result of the input received from the home consultancy service, I was able to work on developing his communication skills to such a level that he was producing 9/10 symbol sentences which were too long for the sentence strip and his PECS book became huge (circa 450 symbols) before I gave in and transitioned him to a SGD (again with the assistance of Pyramid). He became so advanced in his communication thanks to the additional personal support we received via the home consultancy offering, and is now flourishing in his communication.

I would highly recommend this service for any parent who has attended the PECS Level 1 Training, and has got to a point where they either need a helping hand, inspiration and/or a tailored one-to-one service. It was simply amazing to be supported on my son’s PECS journey in this way, and this personal home consultancy service was key in his communication development.  It truly is a fantastic service.

– Mandy Aulak, Parent of a PECS Learner, United Kingdom

PECS has changed my son and my family’s life. We are in the beginning stages of using a device and now we can hear a little voice coming from his bedroom last night which is something we never thought we would have. We learned to place his device in his room and attached it to a Bluetooth speaker in our room. Just like any verbal child he can now tell us what he wants –we no long hear tears at bedtime, just requests. Our future communication with PECS on a device looks amazing! I have a very special teacher to thank for all her hard work as PECS is not easy to implement. We are so glad of all the courses and training she’s gone through to give our boy a better future. We can highly recommend PECS as a communication system that works well.

– Helen Heslop, Parent, UK

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