As a teacher herself, classroom management and establishing effective learning environment for all types of students has been Komala’s true passion. Komala Kyme has a Masters in Teaching (MTEACH) from University of Sydney and extensive experience working with students on autism and other special learning needs. She acknowledges that “most professionals simply want the best way to support individuals they work with,” but obstacles are real. “Lack of training, funding and resources,” need to be addressed.

Komala joined Pyramid Global Partners in January 2016. The enormous resources developed here consider real life circumstances of our clients, therefore, our professional development for teachers, therapists, speech pathologists and parents highly effective. She also has the opportunity to closely work with industry leaders Andy Bondy & Lori Frost. Komala is an avid learner so working with Andy & Lori is a bonus. “Andy is a wealth of knowledge and very generous with his time,” she said. “Lori is inspiring and engaging as a presenter.”

Support is deeply rooted in the culture at Pyramid Global Partners. Komala, who does not consider herself as an accomplished public speaker, initially struggled. “I used to get all tangled up and lose track of what I was saying,” she recalls. But an established effective training system and support from colleagues helped her overcome this quickly. Workshop & training attendees agree wholeheartedly. “Delegates continually remark that the information we provide is well organized and concise.”

At Pyramid Global Partners, Komala has found a place where her skills and mission of helping professionals and parents continues to thrive. “PECS Training works” she said pointing to it’s recognition as an evidence-based practice with proven results worldwide, spanning over several years. Special education resources & products we create are making a positive impact in the classrooms and homes across the world. These are very effective tools to discuss during IEP Meeting or for educators trying to meet IEP Goals. Komala cites the Activity Binder as a great example. “I love being able to load up the entire vocab needed for lessons on individual boards and be ready to teach either at a desk or to snap the individual board out and take it directly to student.”