Jo-Anne B. Matteo, M.S. CCC-SLP provides evidence-based Professional Development for Teachers to help students with autism and special needs communicate effectively. She brings over three decades of accomplished experience and has helped in giving a voice to thousands of learners. “This is my lifelong passion,” she said. As an Education Consultant at Pyramid Global Partners, Jo-Anne found a place that shares her mission and provides an infrastructure to make an impact worldwide. “PECS® has allowed me to help thousands communicate.”

Jo-Anne had an exemplary background when she joined Pyramid Global Partners in August 2001. She received her B.A. in Communication Disorders from Southern Connecticut State College in 1979, M.S. in Speech-Language Pathology from Adelphi University in 1980, and an advanced degree in Administration and Supervision from Southern Connecticut State University in 1983. At the New Canaan Public Schools in Connecticut she founded a program for preschool and elementary children who present with significant special needs in the areas of communication, cognitive, social, behavioral and motor disabilities. Jo-Anne also served as a Coordinator of Special Education working closely with teachers and administrators and understands their demanding jobs and workload.

After over two decades of working with public schools, she decided it was time to help and support other professionals as an Education Consultant. Pyramid Global Partners offered proven resources and extremely effective training system. “I was not as smooth with the delivery of our materials,” Jo-Anne recalls how she overcame this through a rigorous and systematic learning protocol in place for consultants. But a culture of caring and helping each other makes this a great workplace. “My colleagues spent time with me as I practiced parts of the presentation to them as audience.” Now as a Senior Consultant, she is also mentoring her associates.

Schools working with Jo-Anne not only benefit from her vast public school background, but also the fact that she directly works with the Picture Exchange Communication System© co-founders Andy Bondy, Ph.D. and Lori Frost, M.S. CCC-SLP. “I always benefit from Andy’s wealth of knowledge and the perspective he has on teaching people with special needs.” Jo-Anne finds Lori to be quick witted, caring and fun to be around. “In addition to her brilliance, Lori has a great sense of humor.”

Jo-Anne regularly works with large school districts. Pyramid Global has an effective system managing logistics to help administrators implement professional development and in-depth consultations. “Our operations team thinks ahead and plans well.” Whenever any adjustment is needed, “they closely work with the client to assure proper delivery of our products and services.”

Jo-Anne has seen the benefits of PECS Training first hand. She advises educators to “follow the researched and evidence-based protocol for meaningful results.” It is one of the most effective augmentative and alternative communication systems in the world. Jo-Anne admires the fact that Pyramid Global has resources for classroom instruction that works. “Our Visual Reinforcement Cards, help teachers provide positive behavior support.” Educators must incorporate this resource in their Behavior Intervention Plan.