Speech Language Pathologist incorporates ABA Training to impact timely skills development

Combining best of both worlds, Jill Waegenaere M.A., CCC-SLP delivers evidence-based support measures for parents, teachers, or SLPs impacting early skills development among learners. Jill graduated from Michigan State University with B.A. Communication Science Disorders, and continued her studies there to earn her M.A. in Speech and Language Pathology. While at MSU, Jill worked with both adults and children in a variety of settings and participated in Study Abroad Programs in both England and Mexico. Prior to her employment with Pyramid Global in 2006, Jill provided in-home Early Intervention therapy for the state of Illinois to birth – 3 years population. She gained further experience as a speech language pathologist for an Early Childhood Program, providing services to children with Autism and other special needs.


Jill has found a home at Pyramid Global, where her dedication towards special needs education is encouraged and supported. There is a strong learning and clinical structure in place for her and other colleagues to continue to improve. “I was familiar with our evidence-based PECS Protocol,” she recalls her early days with the company. Co-founders Lori Frost & Andy Bondy worked hand in hand with her to develop her ABA and Pyramid Approach Skills. “It has helped me become a better SLP by fine tuning my teaching strategies, error correction procedures and use of reinforcement systems.” Pyramid Global is successful in developing great resources with proven results such as PECS Training and Pyramid Approach to Education. But Jill also loves the fact that company culture values support, care and compassion. She recalls presenting a workshop with Lori in a small Louisiana town. “Lori found a stray dog outside the building.” Without hesitation she picked up the dog and wanted to get him to a safe place. “She found a home for the dog by the end of the workshop!”

Working with participants and school districts to organize workshops is a monumental task. “We have an amazing operational team that manages travel, logistics, and professional development trainings throughout the world.” Principals or special education directors also benefit by our help in implementing large scale professional development.

Jill travels across the country to provide training to teachers, therapists and professionals. She is also passionate about helping families. “Working with a family and child in the natural environment where services are tailored to the exact needs of that child can have a tremendous impact on early skill development”.  As a Pyramid Global consultant, she works with all age groups. “From a 12-year old boy with Asperger’s Syndrome in Michigan to the 3-year old with ASD in Chicago, working closely with the child and family unit is an essential service.”

There are several great products that Pyramid Global provides for effective learning or classroom management. Jill believes “the Lesson Plan Book is perfect for a new teacher or a new clinician.” This comprehensive book is a great resource for functional lesson plans / goals and objectives suitable for all ages. It is a perfect guide to develop classroom instruction that works. “I feel this product can have a tremendous impact on functional programming and communication training.”