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…2 Training is the perfect option. The PECS Level 2 Training focuses on the following: A review of each of the six phases of the PECS protocol Practice and role-play…

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Pyramid and PECS

…student succeed. Once we note success, those prompts should be faded to elimination. Refer to your handout packet from the PECS Level 1 Training or The PECS Training Manual, 2nd…

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PECS Myths and Misconceptions

…CCC-SLP, in 1985 and is now described, in its most up-to-date version, in the Picture Exchange Communication System Training Manual – 2nd Edition (Frost & Bondy, 2002). This training manual…

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Products & Ordering

PECS image collection (Pics for PECS Version 15) which includes over 3,400 images is available for download to your PC here. Yes, Pics for PECS Version 15 Download is now…

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PECS Level 2 Training

…the PECS Training Manual (Frost and Bondy, 2002) that they received at their PECS Level 1 Training, as this workshop may reference some pages in the manual. Find this Workshop…

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…out data. ADDITIONAL SUPPORT To learn more about expanding communication opportunities across the day for your learner, attend the PECS Level 2 Training! This two-day training focuses on creating lessons…

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…System® (PECS®) Protocol, as well as undermine the significant and positive communication outcomes experienced by individuals across the globe. With over 190 PECS-related publications and 25,000 people attending PECS Training

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PECS Training

…for people with autism worldwide. PECS Flow Chart PECS Workshops Available: PECS Overview PECS Level 1 Training PECS Level 2 Training Transitioning from PECS to SGDs (Speech Generating Devices) Pyramid…

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App Questions

…to transition from PECS to SGDs? PECS to SGD Guidelines & Recommendations Each book within PECS IV+ can support up to 30 pages with up to 28 pictures on each…

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