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PECS Testimonials

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Earlier this year, Pyramid founders and PECS developers, Andy Bondy and Lori Frost, visited the Saplings School in Poznan, Poland and were presented with a lovely book made by the parents and staff thanking them for PECS and describing the incredible impact PECS has had on their children's lives. We love it so much we decided to share!

PECS has changed children's way of communication - see comments below:

"PECS enabled Bailey to have a means of communication. It transformed him from a child who was unhappy and not very social to a child who likes to share and comments. Bailey was non-verbal before using PECS and it (PECS) assisted him to verbalise and use sentences (verbally)".
Kaye, SA

"PECS has completely transformed Will from a non-verbal child with no expressive communication, to a child with a functional way of requesting things he wants and commenting on the world around him".
David, VIC

"Josh is able to tell us what he wants - we don't have to guess anymore. He is also beginning to comment on what he sees".
Annette, TAS

"PECS has allowed Tom to articulate better, to build on limited speech and to become much more expressive".
Jeanagh, NSW

"I love PECS, because of the joy it has brought to so many of the students' lives - finally being able to communicate (imagine that!!)"
Leigh, Teacher, NSW

The impact PECS has had on individual children's behaviour:

"Tom realises the power of communication and how interactive speech is beneficial to him so therefore less frustration and anxiety".
Jeanagh, NSW

"Peter is much happier and comfortable as he is confident in his ability to communicate now".
Robyne, NT

"PECS made Bailey less frustrated and he did have less tantrums. Using PECS enables us to have a better understanding of what Bailey needed and we believe helped him to become more independent".
Kaye, SA

Parents have commented that PECS has:

"Gave Thomas a huge 'push along' when moving from echolalic/repetitive speech to more free moving/spontaneous speech".
Jeanagh, NSW

"Given Will a voice".
David, VIC

"All the family is more relaxed due to easier communication".
Robyne, NT

"Bailey is verbal. ... if it wasn't for PECS I don't know where we would be".
Kaye, SA

Workshop participant comments:

"The last two days have been amazing - my head is spinning with all the great information. Am so excited now knowing I will be assisting the children in my class correctly with their PECS, and being able to provide them with different opportunities to use it."
Anon Teacher - QLD

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