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PECS Overview Seminar


This overview is appropriate for all members of the educational team who would like to learn about the Picture Exchange Communication System including a summary of all six phases, some visuals of PECS in action and how it becomes a functional communication system for the user. This is a two to four hour overview on PECS. This is not a training seminar, but a brief introduction to PECS. This talk begins with a brief overview of the Pyramid Approach to Education. A description of traditional approaches to communication and an overview of PECS will follow. The consultant will briefly discuss the phases of PECS and outcome data, as well as PECS’ relationship to reinforcement systems, schedules, and behaviour management. Please note that this is an overview only and is not intended as a training workshop. PECS is especially successful if appropriately combined with elements of behaviour analysis. The manual offers many suggestions on assessing reinforcers, teaching strategies, fading prompts and other issues. The authors encourage PECS users to create an environment that enhances and encourages communication through the use of the Pyramid Approach to Education. The manual briefly outlines the Pyramid and how it can be established in various settings.



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