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On-Site Training

We can bring all of our training workshops to a location of your choice. Click here for descriptions of each of our workshops.  

Why Choose On-Site Training?

On-site training solutions can substantially reduce your overall costs for training your entire team and provide you with the opportunity to motivate and train a your entire team in one session.

Many of our clients choose to open their workshops to the public at a fee, which furthermore helps offset the client's overall costs of the training. Pyramid is happy to list your workshop at no charge, on our website at to provide free promotional information to individuals interested in attending training.


On-site training can be tailored to meet the exact needs of your students, team and organisation. Our goal is to ensure that participants leave the training with the enthusiasm, confidence, and knowledge to tackle their most difficult cases. In order to achieve this, our consultants are available prior to the training date to discuss the organisations needs and goals. Furthermore, participants are encouraged to address specific PECS implementation challenges during the training, which will allow the consultant to provide practical and resourceful solutions, and innovative problem solving strategies.

Research shows that PECS is most effective when training is combined with In-house support. While our consultant is at your location, we suggest you consider enhancing your teams overall training experience with adding on-site consultation. On-site consultation can ensure that your team and students are provided with the on-site support to successfully begin implementing PECS, or to provide your team with opportunities for problem solving, correcting errors before they become established, and developing ‘good practice’.

Please contact us at +61 3 9097 1655 or for further information and pricing for bringing one or more of Pyramid's training workshops or services find out how to your location.

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